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EUROL 3 Kick-off Meeting

The official launch of EUROL 3 took place on 23 March 2022 in Hotel Aurel in Podgorica.

The event gathered representatives of the contract consortium (aed, Austrian Ministry of Justice, Austrian Ministry of Interior, Austrian Federal Criminal Intelligence Agency, and Italian Ministry of Interior) and the Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro, as well as representatives of Montenegrin beneficiary institutions (Supreme Court, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Interior, Police Directorate, European Integration Office, Supreme State Prosecution,  Special State Prosecution, Judicial Training Centre, Agency for the Prevention of Corruption).

The kick-off meeting was opened by the EU Delegation Head of Cooperation who gave an overview of the aims of EUROL 3. This opening statement was then followed by further opening remarks of the Montenegrin Heads of the Chapter 23 and 24 negotiation groups and of representatives of the contract consortium.

After this opening and introductory session, the Team Leader of EUROL 3 presented to the participants of the kick-off meeting the team of EUROL 3, the goals and objectives of EUROL 3 as well as the planned implementation activities of EUROL 3.

This presentation was followed by a discussion of the participants of the kick-off meeting of the work program of EUROL 3 and the expected results.


2. February 2023
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