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EUROL 3 provided support to SSPO and SPD in financial investigations

EUROL 3 contracted the international expert for financial investigations Mr. Marco Letizi, Financial Investigation Expert and former Lieutenant Colonel at Guardia di Finanza, Milano, with the purpose to support financial investigations of the Special State Prosecutor’s Office (SSPO) and the Special Police Department (SPD).

During his three-month mission (October – December 2022), Mr. Letizi was operating from the premises of the SSPO and focusing on providing technical support in criminal proceedings, with a particular focus on the development of proper financial investigations aimed at identifying the assets to be submitted for seizure in view of final confiscation.

The financial investigation expert completed his mission in December 2022 and delivered his final report to EUROL 3, containing recommendations for improving the overall operation of the SSPO and the SPD in handling financial investigations.


16. May 2023
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