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New Training Program for judges and state prosecutors on International judicial cooperation has been developed with support of EUROL 3

Following the good cooperation with the Judicial Training Centre (JTC) already established with EUROL 2 and the success of the previous training program on international judicial cooperation, EUROL 3 contracted a short-term expert from Croatia, Ms. Maja Rakić, who developed the new Training Program on International Judicial Cooperation.

The new Training Program is based on a training needs assessment, which has been performed by the JTC, desk research of the previous training programs on international judicial cooperation, the existing JTC training program and plans of other donor organizations and actions in this field. The Training Program foresees three training modules: Conflicts in Jurisdiction and Cross-border Ne bis in idem, Judicial cooperation in cross-border freezing and confiscation of illicit assets and International judicial cooperation in the area of family relations.

When proposing the topics and contents, all relevant EU regulations, directives and other instruments regulating the mentioned areas have been taken into consideration, with the main purpose to further strengthen the capacities of the Montenegrin judiciary and the public enforcement authorities in the area of judicial cooperation. The focus was put on the preparation of these institutions for the required tasks once Montenegro joins the EU.


16. June 2023
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