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Commentary to the Law on ADR

A Commentary to the Law on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) has been developed for the needs of the Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution through support of EUROL 3.

The Commentary to the Law on ADR was drafted by the national expert Zoran Pažin and reviewed by the international expert PhD Mihajlo Dika.

The Commentary contains around 100 pages and includes a comprehensive Preface (Introduction), which, among other things, also contains the history of the development of ADR in Montenegro.

The Commentary to the Law on ADR has been printed in early 2024 in 1000 copies in Montenegrin and 50 copies in English and delivered to the Centre for ADR for further dissemination to mediators, courts, law faculties, the Bar Chamber, the Chamber of Commerce and other interested stakeholders.



22. April 2024
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