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Support to the drafting of the Action Plan for the period 2024-2025 for the implementation of the new Strategy for Judicial Reform delivered

In order to further support the process of drafting the Action Plan for the period 2024-2025 for the implementation of the Strategy for Judicial Reform, EUROL 3 organized a two-day meeting of the Working Group on 15 – 16 January 2024, which was held in Budva.

During the meeting, members of the Working Group worked intensively on the finalization of the draft Action Plan. For this purpose, EUROL 3 hired a short-term expert (Ms. Milica Kolaković Bojović) who intensively worked with the working group in drafting this Action plan (for the period 2024-2025) for the implementation of the new Strategy.

The draft Action Plan follows the structure of the Strategy, and foresees three strategic objectives: strengthening independence, impartiality, and accountability, improving expertise and efficiency of the judiciary, improving access to justice, transparency, and trust in the judiciary, with 22 operational objectives.

The Action plan foreseen 82 activities in total to be implemented in a period of two years (2024- 2025), which should contribute to the achievement of the planned operational objectives and thus also the strategic objectives.

EUROL 3 translated this document and submitted it then to the EU Delegation for an initial review.

The Draft Strategy for the Judiciary Reform 2024-2027 and the Action Plan for its implementation for the period 2024-2025 have been published on the website of the Ministry of Justice[1] to be open for review and comments during the public debate, which started on 24 January 2024 and lasted for 20 days.



22. April 2024
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