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EUROL 3 Third Steering Committee Meeting

The Third Steering Committee Meeting of EUROL 3 took place on 3 October 2023 at Ramada Hotel in Podgorica. The meeting brought together representatives of the EU Delegation to Montenegro, the Agency for Economic Development and Cooperation (aed), the Austrian Ministry of Justice, the Austrian Ministry of Interior, and the Italian Ministry of Interior. Montenegrin beneficiary institutions such as the Ministry of Justice, the Judicial Council, the Centre for Training in Judiciary and State Prosecution, the Ministry of Interior, the Police Administration, and the Ministry of European Integration were also represented.

The event commenced with opening remarks by Ms. Laura Zampetti, Deputy Head of the European Integration, Political, Press, and Information Section of the EU Delegation. Introductory statements were made by the Chairman of aed, the representatives of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Justice and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Interior, and the representative of the Italian Ministry of Interior.

During the meeting, the Team Leader of EUROL 3 and the Heads of the Justice Component and the Police Component of EUROL 3 presented the Interim Narrative Report to the participants. Subsequently, the Interim Report was discussed, approved, and adopted by all members of the EUROL 3 Steering Committee.



3. November 2023
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