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Short-term mission on special investigation measures delivered

EUROL 3 organized an EU MS short-term expert mission delivered by Lt.Col. Alessandro Pulcri (international expert for the thematic area of improving the use of special investigative measures in criminal investigation in compliance with human rights and fundamental freedoms) from 2 to 6 October 2023.

This short-term expert mission aimed to strengthen Montenegrin’s law enforcement authorities in enhancing capacities of specialised departments and units to combat corruption and organized crime more effective, empower law enforcement response to organized crime and corruption, provide capacity building activities with a focus on certain aspects of investigating organized crime groups, as well as identifying legal and/or procedural bottlenecks.

The expert provided assistance related to the analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the existing system for monitoring and interception of communications and the use of special investigative techniques while respecting personal data protection rights and other human rights and fundamental freedoms with recommendations for overcoming the recognized weaknesses.

He developed a catalogue of recommendations with regard to the Montenegrin legislation an by-laws currently in place related to monitoring and interception of communications and use of special investigative techniques, and how to bring it in line with EU acquis and EU standards.

These recommendations are relevant for the future assistance to the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office (SPPO) and specialised law enforcement departments related to effective investigations  of complex criminal cases.


3. November 2023
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