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Mission on strengthening ARO and training on CARIN network and methods of asset recovery held

EUROL 3 organized a 5-day EU MS expert mission delivered by Col. Roberto Ribaudo, Senior Officer of Italian Guardia di Finanza Head of Interpol Division – Ministry of Interior from 24 to 28 July 2023.

The mission aimed to strengthen ARO (Asset Recovery Office) and provided training on the CARIN (Camden Asset Recovery Inter-Agency Network) network and the methods of asset recovery organizations like the European Union ARO together with practical examples of asset recovery cases.

Real case scenarios were discussed for the improvement of capacities in the areas of financial investigations, combating money laundering and conducting assets recovery, confiscation, and management in line with the EU standards.

The training course for Montenegrin officers from ARO and CARIN network provided methods of effective asset recovery in line with the European Union ARO standards, together with practical asset recovery cases.

Furthermore, Col. Ribaudo developed training modules focusing specifically on financial investigations, in-depth analysis, enhancing international cooperation, penal and civil forfeiture procedures, statistics, SIENA, and Interpol.


5. September 2023
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