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Short-term mission on cybercrime and child pornography

EUROL 3 organized a short-term expert mission of Lt. Col. Holger Schmidt – Head of Department for International Police Cooperation and Head of Strategic Office – Crime Fighting, Lt. Col. Stephan Beer – Deputy Head of Department for International Police Cooperation and largely responsible for setting up Commissariat 17, and Captain Thomas Hiller – Senior Police Expert specialized in the areas of fight against child abuse (e.g. NCMEC and ICCACOP) to support the Montenegrin police counterparts in the areas of cybercrime and child pornography.

This activity provided a peer-to-peer group / on-the-job training and work assistance which particularly referred to European best practice on the prevention of sexual abuse of children and the investigation of complex criminal cases to effectively fight child pornography. Its main aim was the enhancement and support of the professional capacities and capabilities of the Cybercrime Unit to identify distributors of child pornography on the Internet (whether delivered on-line or solicited on-line and distributed through other channels) and to catch sexual predators who solicit victims on the Internet through chat rooms, forums, and other methods.

The mission took place between 18 and 22 March 2024 in Podgorica and will result, inter alia, in an assessment report of the current working methods of the Montenegrin Cybercrime officers.


22. April 2024
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