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Study Visit to the Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia

Between 25 and 27 March 2024, EUROL 3 organized a study visit to the Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia for representatives of the ICT departments of the MoJ and the Judicial Council of Montenegro. The purpose of this study visit was the familiarization of the MoJ and the Judicial Council with the Slovenian Judiciary and the Data Warehouse System.

The Montenegrin delegation consisted of four members (representatives of the Ministry of Justice/Directorate for ICT in Judiciary and the Secretariat of the Judicial Council/ICT Department) who were accompanied by representatives of EUROL 3. The hosts from Slovenia shared their extensive experience in relation to changes in normative and operational frameworks that proved to be obstacles over time, and how strategic planning contributed to the realization of most of the planned activities. This resulted in the successful digitization of court processes, improvement in monitoring, transparency, and trust in the judicial system.

The visit was evaluated by all participants as very useful and beneficial since it was directly related to the work of the MoJ and the WG in drafting the new Strategy for Digitalization of the Judiciary. Thanks to this study visit, the members of the study group received insights that will massively influence their approach to the development of the digitalization strategy, confirming the commitment to improving the judicial system in Montenegro.



6. June 2024
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