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Workshop for Special State Prosecutors, Legal and Economic Advisors in the Special Prosecutor’s Office, and Employees of the Tax Administration

EUROL 3 organized and held a workshop for special state prosecutors, legal and economic advisors in the Special Prosecutor’s Office, and employees of the Tax Administration in Podgorica between 29 January and 2 February 2024.

The experts Marija Vucko, Deputy County State Attorney in the County State Attorney’s Office in Split and former prosecutor in the Croatian USKOK, and Paulino Lonza, Head of the Service for Discovery and Financial Investigation of Illegally Acquired Assets in the Independent Sector for Financial Investigations of the Tax Administration of the Republic of Croatia, participated as lecturers in this workshop.

The goal of the workshop was to establish cooperation between institutions, familiarize participants with options for collaborative work, and demonstrate the development of joint cases through practical examples. The participants engaged in practical work, including methods of data collection, report writing, and submission to the Special Prosecutor’s Office, thereby enabling prosecutors to decide on the initiation of financial investigations.

The workshop was well attended, with the participants divided into two groups actively participating throughout the workshop. Specific questions could be addressed, and assigned tasks solved jointly, resulting in an extremely positive evaluation of the workshop by the participants.


19. March 2024
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